About Us


“My brand is a voice and my product is a souvenir”

- Mike B.

The world of BOGARD by Mike B. offers a unique perspective of men’s and women’s fashion that is shaped by over two decades of industry experience as a celebrity stylist, with a Jamaican heritage and New York upbringing. Mike B. evolved with an era during the late 70’s 80’s and 90’s where style was a way to have a conversation without saying a word. Mike B. Is considered an influence on the way people dress and the way that fashion is worn still today. Reflecting a distinctive  viewpoint, The Prince Of Fashion transitioned from stylist to designer, that strives to build an innovative and aspirational lifestyle brand; BOGARD by Mike B. Which combines consumer insights with our designs of the finest textiles and craftsmanship for a unisex accessory collection.  With clean lines and luxurious finishings, the highly designed silhouettes serve as an empowering statement that can be seamlessly translated between genders. Each piece of accessory will enhance your sexiness of swag in any ambiance imagined.